What Are Some Myths About SEO?

What Are Some Myths About SEO?
What are some of the biggest SEO Myths you see still being repeated (either at conferences, or in blogs, etc)
Ryan, Michigan

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Intel CEO Announces A $7B Investment In Arizona Factory

Intel CEO Announces A B Investment In Arizona Factory
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announces the company’s new investment employing up to 3,000 people after meeting with President Donald Trump.


Search Engine Optimisation Consultant | Search Engine Optimization Consultants Are Not Equal

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant | Search Engine Optimization Consultants Are Not Equal
Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

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Before hiring a search engine optimisation consultant watch this video which reveals 6 things you need to know.

The 6 things are:

Deal with a real person who is an seo expert not an account service meet and greet type
Treat your business as though it’s their own
Will guarantee results in writing
Can get results now with the current Google ranking algorithm
Has a marketing background and is focused on growing your business not just ranking your website
Can rank you for terms that matter and will bring your business buyers

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To very best market your web site, work with a good quality Search engine optimisation artist. These kind of pros can easily set up your web site to ensure when related key phrases are entered into a google search your enterprise is discovered. A novice Search engine optimisation author could run into several problems, consequently having a specialist working for you is vital.

Analysis web directories to advertise your site. It’s nearly impossible to find in to the higher search engine rank around the massive engines like google with no strong Search engine optimization software. There are generally websites specialized in joining together backlinks about market merchandise and also categories. Find those serve your own marketplaces and make certain you might be within the links.

If your website provides competitors that will consistently out and about list yours on the search engine results webpages, do not be green with envy. Alternatively take into account the circumstance being a learning prospect. Review of your competitors to learn their work to acquire listed extremely. You may learn Search engine optimisation consultant you can use successfully for your website.

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How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google – Top YouTube SEO Company

How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google – Top YouTube SEO Company

How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google – Top VSEO Company

Rank Videos On Google is a leading video marketing company specializing in getting your Video to the first pages of YouTube and Google.

Video Marketing has become one of the best ways for entrepreneurs, local businesses and small businesses to get there name and brand out to the market place.

If you’re looking for a YouTube SEO Company who you can trust then contact Rank Videos On Google dot com today. They are your one stop shop for your VSEO needs.
Ranking your YouTube videos on Google does not have to be a challenge anymore.

Let us do all the work for you while you focus on making effective videos. Call us today.

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15 Digital Marketing Tips

15 Digital Marketing Tips
What’s your Digital Marketing Strategy? How does your existing website perform? How many leads are you generating? Are these leads converting to sales? What are the competition up to?
What can be done to improve things?

At iQuantum Digital we pride ourselves on delivering a Managed Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to your business and industry. We look beyond the numbers to determine which content works and what can be done to ensure your message is being delivered to your target market.

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Birding In Arizona

Birding In Arizona
Whether you enjoy watching birds in your backyard or across the state, birding is big business in Arizona, and a whole lot of fun. This video was created by the Information Branch of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Producer: Gary Schafer. Special thanks to wildlife photographers: Peggy Coleman, Tony Battiste and Jack Sheldon.