{videoTitle} – 60k Salary In Digital Marketing (no Degree Necessary)
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10 thoughts on “$0 – 60k Salary In Digital Marketing (no Degree Necessary)

  1. So why is it that there are so many offers for paid social media jobs that you have to pay for/pay-into to become a employee? The company asking you to pay $57 dollars, $35 dollars, etc. What do you recommend for those who are seeking digital marketing jobs, but actually have no money to purchase, but for those interested in entering the field?

  2. The free online course was generic, but great information for someone who wants to learn more about what Digital Marketing is about.

  3. Let’s make a video about it and saturate it so it’s hard as shit to get job and the competition is gonna be unreal. Thanks bro

  4. Love this video always wanted to know about digital marketing since this is the new thing in today’s society. But when I searched on learning digital marketing wow I mean I got just a headache from searching on where/whom/ to look at then some want you to pay for this training which can be pretty expensive. So I will check this out and maybe I will have a shot at this!!! Time will tell!!!!

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