Top Seo In Guk Drama Acting Roles

June 18, 2017 uncategorized

Top Seo In Guk Drama Acting Roles
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Top Seo In Guk Drama Acting Roles

#01 The Master’s Sun
Comedy, Horror, Melodrama, Romance, Supernatural
Votes: 15,878

#02 Reply 1997
Comedy, Friendship, Romance, School, Youth
Votes: 13,539

#03 Love Rain
Melodrama, Romance
Votes: 9,538

#04 She Was Pretty
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Votes: 8,265

#05 Oh My Ghost
Comedy, Food, Romance, Supernatural
Votes: 7,031

#06 I Remember You
Investigation, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Thriller
Votes: 6,306

#07 Reply 1994
Drama, Family, Friendship, Life, Romance, Youth
Votes: 4,888

#08 High School King of Savvy
Business, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports
Votes: 3,999

#09 Another Parting
Drama, Romance
Votes: 1,219

#10 The King’s Face
Action, Drama, Historical, Political, Romance, Thriller
Votes: 606

#11 Rascal Sons
Comedy, Family, Romance
Votes: 230
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  1. Mojan Forouz says:

    Rm1997 and i remember you are my favorite 🙂

  2. 劉虹汶 says:

    The #04 isn’t seo in guk.

  3. Anna 001 says:

    1° WTF, She was pretty?? 😑😑 2° Of course this is more about the popularity of the dramas, you can’t put a 0 complex role higher than a superb well acted and 100% complex role (I remember you is his best work in my opinion). But this are my thoughts, I get that it’s a voting so I will keep my opinion and go XD

  4. SigRP says:

    i thought this is about seo in guk as the best acting in his drama…wth ..she was pretty..???

  5. tjdtjfal says:

    서인국 잘 생겼다 드라마 마다 얼굴이 달라서 보는 재미가 있네 근데 중간에 박서준은 왜 나온거죠 착각 하셨나봐요

  6. noor mahmuda says:

    I just love him a lot and his dramas. another thing is I am happy that he did not did any plastic surgeries. He is a guy with perfect face and body.

  7. AkaYuki says:

    Shopping King Louie is a MUST now

  8. Elise Augereau says:

    the #04 is Park SeoJoon 😅

  9. catsgoesmeowed says:

    honestly i remember you deserved a higher rank in my opinion

  10. day6 edits says:

    huh? she was pretty?

  11. 서인 국 사랑 [SIGMyPop] says:

    He was not on “She was pretty”…also a lead of Reply 1997, not a guest role.

  12. Gia Delfin says:

    What’s the title of the BG song?

  13. shahida arifin says:

    She Was Pretty was totally wrong, because Inguk bae just barely there. Honestly I liked all his drama, because of his consistent potrayal of his characters, even though some of them flopped. But if I must rank his dramas though; High School King of Savvy would be first, Shopping King Louie second, Reply 1997 on the third. Honorary mention; I Remember You and 38 Task Force.

  14. Hye Nah says:

    his swindler role in squad 38 should be here and at the top!

  15. Sriman Masanam says:

    king of high school deserve much votes

  16. Joiey Demero says:

    Watching some of Seo Inguk drama, makes me think that definitely he really is a vertile actor, that can portray each character with a depth and give justice to the every role. It’s nice to watch a drama that is done with the same actor doing not same approach toward the character he or she is portraying. I must say that the acting skills of Seo Inguk is highly appreciated for he did his character in every drama, perfectly well with excellence.

  17. พัชรา เจนหัตถการกิจ says:


  18. krztlr husser says:

    iloveyou seo in guk and im happy now coz you are the father of my child soon……..:)

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