Mastering Cubase 7 Lesson 1

Mastering Cubase 7 Lesson 1
This is the first lesson in the new series from Andrea Stefl and In Your Ear Studios “Mastering Cubase 7”.

Mastering Cubase 7 is a 13 lesson tutorial series taught by In Your Ear’s star recording engineer Andrea Stefl. The course was written and produced by Carlos Chafin and Ms. Stefl which covers everything from launching the program to mastering the skills needed for this deep and incredible program. The package of 15 tutorial projects can be purchased, and downloaded from IYE’s online store. Exercises to reinforce recording, editing, tempo and pitch correction, MIDI, mixing techniques, and much more are included. Mastering Cubase 7 consists of over 3 hours of video instruction and up to 20+ hours of practice and implementation. This is a one of a kind course! It’s not just tutorial videos, but embedded lessons, so interaction with the program is encouraged. Welcome to the most comprehensive and friendly Cubase course available at any price!

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