Choosing Yoast Focus Keywords + Green Light Optimization

Choosing Yoast Focus Keywords + Green Light Optimization
Learn how to choose better Yoast focus keywords so you can optimize your WordPress content for those phrases and achieve higher rankings. I cover both keyword research and content optimization which are the 2 primary stages when using Yoast.

Google Autocomplete 1:21
Google Keyword Planner 05:40
HubShout WebGrader 08:18
Content Optimization 10:08
Social Media Optimization 18:59
Local vs. National Keywords 20:17
Keyword Competition 22:07

-Grab your list of products/services
-Research 1 keyword for each
-Use Google Autocomplete to learn what people are searching in Google
-Use Google Keyword Planner to get more keyword ideas and learn each keyword’s # of monthly searches
-Use HubShout WebGrader to see up to 4 competitor keywords
-Use these tools to create a keyword list so you can learn what content needs to go on your website / blog
-Create a page for each keyword, do not target the same keyword on multiple pages
-Use Yoast to include your keyword in the right places
-Use Yoast’s page analysis tab to further optimize the content
-Use Yoast’s social tab to optimize content to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
-Local keywords are usually more broad than national keywords
-National keywords should involve learning the keyword competition using indicators I mention in the video

Google Autocomplete
Google Keyword Planner
HubShout WebGrader
Complete Yoast tutorial:

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