Preparing A Track Or Song For Mastering: Pre Mastering Including 9 Pro Tips

Preparing A Track Or Song For Mastering: Pre Mastering Including 9 Pro Tips
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A complete and informative guide to preparing your track, song or audio for Mastering. From our experience here at Zeitgeist Mastering, many people send in audio for mastering that is just not optimised for best results… This video aims to change all of that… A guide showing you how to get the best and most professional results from audio mastering in 9 essential points and tips. How to export or bounce your track with confidence so that you know that you will get the most out of it! It is really just as important as the Mastering stage itself so it is worth getting right…

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Here is a summary of the 9 ESSENTIAL TIPS:

1. Make sure that there are no effects on your Master Bus when you Bounce or Export!!!

Sub Point: If there is something on your Master Bus that you think you cannot live without, send your Mastering Engineer 2 versions: A No FX Mix and an FX Mix and let your Mastering Engineer know what the effect is. Some prefer to Mix into a Master Bus or 2 Bus Compressor. If so, we say make sure it is a very good one! However, never never leave a limiter in place.

2. Make sure that the level of your Track Peaks somewhere between -6 and -3dB!

3. If the Peak Level of your Track is higher than -3dB, it is best to reduce each tracks level rather than to just drop the master fader.

4. Eliminate any unwanted noise within your Mix.

5. Try to keep your Mix Clean and Dynamic.

6. Leave some silence at the beginning and at the end of your Track (2 – 8 Bars).

7. Bounce your track in the Format that you worked in (24 Bit is the most common and is absolutely adequate).

8. Be sure not to Normalise or to apply any Dither when you Bounce or Export!
**If you do apply dither, use a dither with no noise shaping such as a TPDF (Triangular Probability Density Function) so as not to add unnecessary noise to your track – save the noise shaping for that final conversion done by the mastering engineer! This way, there will be no damage done.

9. Think about realistic and relevant reference tracks that you might be able to suggest to your Mastering Engineer.

If you follow these steps, your Final Audio Master will be the best it can be so it is worth it…

Happy Producing and Premastering!


Mastering In Pro Tools (with Stock Plugins)

Mastering In Pro Tools (with Stock Plugins)
In this tutorial I describe how to master an audio track for CD replication in Pro Tools utilizing Pro Tools’ stock plugins. I also show a technique of PRINTING a stereo mix to an audio track in ProTools instead of Bouncing to Disk.




Mastering Cubase Lesson 1

Mastering Cubase Lesson 1
Mastering Cubase 7 is a 13 lesson tutorial series taught by In Your Ear’s star recording engineer Andrea Stefl. The course was written and produced by Carlos Chafin and Ms. Stefl which covers everything from launching the program to mastering the skills needed for this deep and incredible program. The package of 15 tutorial projects can be purchased, and downloaded from IYE’s online store. Exercises to reinforce recording, editing, tempo and pitch correction, MIDI, mixing techniques, and much more are included. Mastering Cubase 7 consists of over 3 hours of video instruction and up to 20+ hours of practice and implementation. This is a one of a kind course! It’s not just tutorial videos, but embedded lessons, so interaction with the program is encouraged. Welcome to the most comprehensive and friendly Cubase course available at any price!

For more information and to sign up, please visit


How To Master A Song Or Album.

How To Master A Song Or Album.
Tips on cd, song, and album mixing & mastering Johnny Nomega Nomega Studios


Pro Tools 12, 11, 10 & 9 & 8 Mastering Session (Detailed Setup)

Pro Tools 12, 11, 10 & 9 & 8 Mastering Session (Detailed Setup)
FREE DL Link to get this template–
This video covers how to set up a mastering session within Pro Tools 8, 9, 10,11, & 12 and how you get to this point from your mix session. Please see part 1 of this tutorial titled “Pro Tools 12,11,10, 9 & 8 mixing template and techniques” to understand how to properly master your pro tools sessions. email me at for the templates or simply click the FREE DL link above. enjoy!


Mixing & Mastering Vocals, EQ, Compression Basics Fl Studio 10

Mixing & Mastering Vocals, EQ, Compression Basics Fl Studio 10
Click here for 10% OFF of a legitimate copy of FL Studio!!! I just found this and thought I would share! Thanks guys! Enjoy the video.

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In this video I will be covering some of the basics of Mixing and Mastering with Fl Studio. Included are segments of basic compression of vocals, basic equalizing of vocals and stero shaping of vocals. All the plugins used in the video are basic plugins that come with Fl Studio for free. No additional download is required after the purchase of Fl Studio.

Copyright Collin Stoffel 02.10.2013

**Mixing and Mastering**

I have been so many requests regarding Mixing and Mastering your songs that I’ve decided to offer you guys to do it for you. BUT I am just simply not able to do it for free, allthough it is so much fun for me to work with you guys and I love doing it. Mixing a track, sending it back and forth and getting it to perfection, sometimes takes several days !

So this is my offer:

-Full Mix AND Master for your song (This includes effects if requested) – 25$ per song

-Master only (This will fatten up the track, and make it sound more full) -15$ per song

-Mixing & Mastering a complete album up to 11 Songs: 150$ all songs

*These prices are litterally cheap as hell and I am really only charging it, because I simply wouldnt have the time to do all your songs otherwise.

If you want me to take on your song, please contact me at:

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How To – Mastering Metal

How To – Mastering Metal
In this how-to I explain how I approach mastering of my metal songs. I have quite a few mastering effect chains but most of them are a little bit tricky and/or include external effects. The one in the video is the “easiest chain to follow”.
I explain what rules a mix must follow before it comes to mastering and finally I step through every plugin in the effect chain of the mastering channel.

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How To Record A Song – Part 6: Mixing And Mastering

How To Record A Song – Part 6: Mixing And Mastering
At long last – Line 6’s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper uses Propellerhead Reason software to mix and master his track in this final installment of his “How to Record a Song” series. You can hear the finished song in its entirety here:

Here are links to all the videos in this series:

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How to Record a Song — Part 6: Mixing and Mastering

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Adobe Audition CS6 Mastering Audio

Adobe Audition CS6 Mastering Audio
Master Trainer Sean Casella will teach you how to use your Adobe® Audition® CS6 software for high-impact audio production. In this 3 hour series learn to edit, mix, restore and add amazing effects to your audio, as well as discover how to streamline your film, video or radio workflow. Build a solid foundation on your way to creating high-quality audio projects.

Presenter: Sean Casella

All artwork and visuals were created in house by Total Training with the permission of our partners

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How To FL Studio Mastering | Compression | Maximizer | Tips And Tricks | Waves | BBE

How To FL Studio Mastering | Compression | Maximizer | Tips And Tricks | Waves | BBE
FL Studio Cookbook:

– Shaun gives a synopsis on how to get that LOUD sound using free limiters, compressors, and maximizers, as well as tips and tricks using FL Studio Parametric EQ 2 with the Fruity Compressor, and other demonstrations of WAVES and the BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer Plugins.

||||| SOFTWARE |||||
Waves Audio Gold Bundle:
FL Studio 12 Producer Edition:
Propellerhead Reason 8:
Steinberg WaveLab7 Audio Editing Suite:
MOTU BPM drum groove software:
BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer:
Lexicon MPX Reverb Plug-In:

||||| MICROPHONES |||||
Rode NT1-A Condenser Mic:
M-Audio NOVA large capsule cardiod condenser microphone:

Mbox2 USB Interface:
X-Fi Xtreme Music Soundcard :
Behringer XENYX 802 Premium Mixer:

LG Flatron:
Dell Inspiron 17R Laptop:
Apple 13″ Macbook White:

M-Audio BX5-a deluxe Monitors:
Direct Sound EX-29 Professional Headphones:
Equation Audio RP-15 Headphones:
M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Studio Monitors:

Roland Fantom X-8 hammer key workstation:
M-Audio Axiom 25 semi-weighted 25 key Midi controller:
Keystation Mini32 midi controller:
Roland Handsonic 10 hand drumming pad:

||||| TURNTABLE |||||
Stanton T.80 Turntable: