How To Upload YouTube Videos To Facebook
Do this before January:
Back up your YouTube channel data.

Upload your YouTube videos directly to Facebook all without leaving YouTube

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22 thoughts on “How To Upload YouTube Videos To Facebook

  1. Tried this and it says I can’t edit since I don’t own the videos? I’m looking for a way to effectively share videos from various websites (for health topic educational purposes) on a page I manage on Facebook. Am I missing a step or is the a correct assumption?

  2. You failed to mention that in order to publish to Facebook you have to sign up for the Star level that costs $19 a month. Go info though.

  3. Hi! I wanted to publish my 52 minutes long video to Facebook but according to TubeBuddy the maximum limit is 45 minutes. Is there any way to expand this limit? Thanks guys.

  4. I’m really confused as to whether to post YouTube videos on Facebook because:
    1) Doesn’t that take engagement away from the YouTube video itself?
    2) So many big YouTubers who seem to be very adept at social media don’t even bother posting it directly on Facebook (they instead just link the video from YouTube).

    If anyone can shed some light, I’d be very grateful~!

  5. hello bro, When i share the videos from youtube to facebook, when have people views my videos on facebook, I can get money to my youtube account or not?

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