How To Create A Website (Blog) To Learn Digital Marketing


21 thoughts on “How To Create A Website (Blog) To Learn Digital Marketing

  1. Hi Deepak, thanks for this video.
    You didn’t talk about IP address of server and SEO. If the website is a regional / international website, which solution is the best for getting good a page loading speed ?

  2. Thank you so much. Really wonderful How can buy from Bangladesh? Can you pls give me advice? I am really newBaby Pls help me,,,,

  3. Hello Deepak, thank you so much for such informative videos, but can you please provide the links for the topics that is being referred to in the video the links are not there on the blog also. kindly provide the links. Thank you! Ritika

  4. I am non IT person. I want to learn this course. I go through your lessons and in this video you told about WordPress. So far shall I have to learn WordPress? Please reply fast.

  5. Sir nice video… I want to create my own personal website on WordPress by spending few dollars to learn and as well as earn. my question is that personal website will generate revenue or not.?

  6. Thanks Deepak, Very Informative.
    What is your view on usage of Wix instead of WordPress. Wix is easy to use , good customer service and economical as well.

  7. and one more thing sir 70% indian population do not know english or else they are not able to understand high level english words and specially they will not understand a new unknown field english words …so use easy english or hindi …langauge in ur voice in ur videos …

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