Full Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study With Lexus


3 thoughts on “Full Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study With Lexus

  1. It is interesting to see all of the aspects of the digital marketing campaign being used. Some of the aspects of this campaign are traditional techniques altered digitally, like mailers. Traditionally mailers would be sent via post office to potential consumer’s homes. By using e-mail, Lexus can reach consumers more quickly and efficiently. It also allows Lexus to reach more niche markets, compared to traditional “snail mail”.

  2. I found it interesting that Lexus marketed the different versions of the cars on different platforms, based on who would be using that specific platform. For example, introducing the high performance sedan to fast-car enthusiasts was more beneficial than marketing the convertible or standard models. In addition, using the prism effect on online platforms, Lexus was able to market all three models on the same platforms.

  3. This video was really cool at laying out the whole campaign and showing the results. The way that Lexus integrated the ads online seemed more presentable than typical pop up ads asking someone to buy their product. It gave it more of a personal effect. The use of the music in the background also gave it a sense that this was something important.

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