Mixing And Mastering In Sonar X3 Pt.1
Part 1. in a 5 part series Re-Mixing and Mastering a song in Sonar X3. Techniques to include: Transient Shaping, Drum Augmentation, Parallel Compression, Bus Structuring, Drum triggering, Vocal techniques with compression, Bass Augmentation, Guitar Mixing, Guitar Augmentation


7 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering In Sonar X3 Pt.1

  1. I’m just getting into recording, do u think sonar is not overly complicated
    and an ok choice for me? Can u run it on a Mac or only on a PC?

  2. I thought the song was going to suck but it’s not bad… a little
    alternative and stuff… like how he says ‘the guitar’….. will watch the
    2nd video if it gets better… so far I learned to default everything back
    to 0!

  3. this may be very late and for that I apologize. I too have a liquid saffire
    56 but every time I use it to record in sonar, even platinum I get clicks
    that I cannot get rid of. any

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