Cubase Beginner Tutorial Lesson 8 : Bouncing And Mastering (BornToProduce.com)
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13 thoughts on “Cubase Beginner Tutorial Lesson 8 : Bouncing And Mastering (BornToProduce.com)

  1. These are so good, I thought I knew a lot on production, but you guys are
    taking me to a whole new level of thinking so……thank you.

  2. So MIXING is when you Balance (ie Mix) all the Levels to get the song
    sounding good. And MIXDOWN is when you Bounce/Export all the individual
    tracks to Audio File format. i think thats right ??

  3. You leave a few extra seconds of silence at the end of the song (in case of
    Reverb tail-off etc). Some people also insert a couple of bars silence at
    the start as well (ie. the piece begins at bar 3) !! But i am not sure why
    this is ??

  4. We would say mixing and mixdown are really the same thing in production
    terms. The term Bounce is used to get a finished 2 track stereo end result
    – ready for Mastering.

  5. A tiny gap is acceptable but not 2 bars in our opinion. The small gap just
    safeguard’s against the front of the song getting missed slightly by the
    bouncing process and is easy for DJs to cue up

  6. Ok thats great to know. i have always never bothered to put any silence at
    the start, but i will insert some from now on. Cheers. 

  7. thank you for doing what you do, i don’t know why i didn’t check out BTP
    i’ve been using cubase LE5 for about a month w/a tascam us1800 & you’ve got
    me up to speed so far; also on digital rec in general, got a little
    experience under my belt, but BTP has helped me level-up for sure!

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