Maschine 101 Tutorials – Episode 11 – Mixing And Mastering
Basic Mixing and Mastering techniques in Native Instruments Maschine.

These tutorials, despite being taught with the Maschine MK1 can be utilized by Maschine Mikro users as well.

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Breakdown of episodes in this series.

Episode 1 – General Overview
Episode 2 – Hardware Overview
Episode 3 – Software Overview
Episode 4 – Browser and Library
Episode 5 – Making a Basic Beat
Episode 6 – Step Sequencer
Episode 7 – Editing a Recorded Beat
Episode 8 – Effects
Episode 9 – Sampling and Slicing
Episode 10 – Arranger
Episode 11 – Mixing in Maschine
Episode 12 – Exporting/Bouncing out

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6 thoughts on “Maschine 101 Tutorials – Episode 11 – Mixing And Mastering

  1. I trust Pro Tools mixing processing more. Just bounce out each track and
    use your normal daw and plugins. Good video covering some good panning and
    eq basics tho! 

  2. kicks shouldn’t be panned in any direction and snares should be panned very
    little, if any at all, IMO. Those two drum sounds should be in your face.
    The snare should feel like it’s hitting you right in the forehead lol

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